Flat Brook Baptist Church
"We Fellowship in God's Country"


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Our History

Our History

Before 1780 the Baptist brethren met  and worshipped in private homes from the formation. In 1790 the meetings were recognized by the Shaftsbury Baptist Association. At the time the Baptist brethren were meeting at the house of Brother Elisha Barnes at New Canaan.

On September 17, 1793 the first recorded minutes of Flat Brook Baptists began.  A Meeting held in the house of Ebenezer Roe in Canaan with 8 in attendance:  Elisha Barnes, Lois Barnes, Lydia Jenks, Hannah Ketchem, Rebekah Pomeroy, Joseph Reynolds, Hannah Roe,  Daniel Rowley.  It was agreed to build a meeting house at Hatch's Corner (3/4 mile north of the current location).

On November 8, 1793 the church was regularly constituted and admitted to the Shaftsbury Association in 1794. A few years later, construction was begun on a building, located about 1,000 feet south of the Beebeville school house, on the west side of what is now highway route 22, near the intersection of Dean Hill road. Then on May 13, 1797, the First meeting was held at the new church building.  They adopted the name "First Baptist Church of Canaan."

In 1821, the Shaftsbury Association recorded the name change to Flat Brook Baptist Church.  92 members attending.  Licentrate Ira hall, deacons Samuel Curtis, J. Johnson, and J. Douglas. Then in 1831 the church joined with the Stephentown Baptist Association.

In March of 1838 a committee was appointed to obtain a new site for the church and on August 17, 1838 a purchased was made of the current property (48 rods) from Chester Belding in plans to move the building.  The committee appointed to move the meeting house to its new site.  So the building was taken down and reconstructed.  Two small boys carried the building pins to the carpenters who were putting the frame back together.

In 1846 it was officially given the name "Flat Brook Baptist Church."  For the next several years the church faithfully preached the gospel and served the Lord fervently. During this time a pulpit was made of black walnut by cabinet maker Edward White.  Winter meetings were often held in local homes.  The building was unheated so people had to carry their foot stoves to Sunday meetings.

At the close of the century in 1898, the sanctuary was raise one foot and a basement was added.  The roof and foundations were repaired, and a chimney and stoves were installed.  The carriage sheds which had blown down were also rebuilt.

In the 1900's the church continued on as a Bible believing, gospel preaching church year after year. In 1956, the Hammond organ was dedicated. Ten years later in 1966, A 10x40 two story addition was added to the back of the building and modern plumbing was installed.

The church continued on faithfully following the Lord as He provided.  Many members stayed faithful and dedicated to its purpose, but unfortunately because of decreasing attendance year after year in was to determined to become in active in January 2012.

On January 5, 2013 the membership of Flat Brook Baptist voted to allow William J. Erickson to attempt to get the church back up and running again after being closed for an entire year. So February 24, 2013 was declared Grand Re-Opening Sunday. After much prayer and planning the church saw 51 in attendance that Sunday!

Today Flat Brook Baptist is an old exciting church with new life! We look forward to seeing many more chapters written about the great history of this church!